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English Excellence - Level 1


About This Course This is a Basic English course which is suitable for anyone who wants to become confident in Spoken English

Paid Course with Certification, GAD-TLC, Ministry of Education.


Learners who are eager to learn about Basics of English and want to become confident in English speaking should enrol in the course.

Course Staff

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Mr. Nikhil Dwivedi, Course Instructor

Mr. Nikhil Dwivedi has a Business degree in Management and has been associated with the Banking industry, where he has worked and trained a lot of people in language proficiency, personality development and public speaking. He has worked with some top Banking and Insurance companies over the years and has helped a lot of people with their overall growth and personality development. Mr. Nikhil has an equally satisfying stint with the Fitness/Wellness industry as well, where he got to work with some Big Wigs of the Fitness industry and Fitness coaches and instructors in helping them out with their language skills and proper communication in their day to day tasks of interacting with their clients and their life in general.

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Ms. Prachi Govardhan, Course Coordinator

Ms. Prachi Govardhan has a Business degree in Management and is associated with Millionlights University. She is Course Coordinator of English Basics course and will be coordinating with students. If you have any queries - please ask Prachi and she will be glad to help. You can ping in her the discussion forum in the course itself

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What benefit will I get after completing this course?

This course is designed in a way to help you learn about basics of English language. After completion of the course, you will be able to speak English confidently!!

2. What if I get any queries while studying the course?

You will have 2 live sessions per week once the course starts. You can ask your queries to our course instructors in those sessions. You can also post your queries in the discussion forums within the course. You can also send us a mail on or call us on 9890122592

3. Can I access this course through mobile?

Yes. You can access the course from mobile. You can download our app - Millionlights University from Playstore and can access the course through our app!

4. What is the duration of the course?

The duration of the course is 1 month.

5. What is the price for the course?

The price for the course is Rs. 299/- plus GST

6. What topics will be covered in the course?

The topics that will be covered during the course are as follows : 1. Alphabetical order (vowels and consonants) 2. Words and their opposites. 3. Synonyms and Antonyms 4. Parts of speech and Sentence. 5. Nouns and its kinds 6. Pronoun and its types 7. Verbs, its kinds and forms 8. Adverb and its types. 9. Preposition 10. Conjunction 11. Interjection 12. Tenses and their types. 13. Simple Tense 14. Continuous Tense 15. Perfect Tense

7. Is this a certified course?

Yes. After successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate from Millionlights University.

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    5 hours a week
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